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EPOS (European plate observing system) is a research infrastructure currently under development for the solid Earth Science community. The goal of EPOS is to facilitate a better understanding of the physical processes controlling earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unrest episodes and tsunamis as well as those driving tectonics and Earth surface dynamics for the benefit of society. More information about the implementation phase of EPOS, including a timeline, is available on the EPOS website.

The goal of this EPOS wiki is to provide a central place to ask questions about EPOS, share information on and follow developments, provide links to project management documentation and technical documentation, as well as share openly available technical documentation. The information contained in the Wiki will be useful for existing and new EPOS project members, as well as those wishing to join the project.

A collaborative website is important during the current phase of the project, as we work together to link Data, Data Products, Software and Services (DDSS) from the different earth science communities (or Thematic Core Services - TCS) to the EPOS Research Infrastructure also known as the Integrated Core Services (ICS). Openly available, up to date and centrally stored information and links to further information will play a big part in making this a success.

We hope that you find this Wiki a useful resource for sharing information, opening discussions and facilitating the implementation of EPOS. If there is anything else you would like to see on these pages, please get involved by adding a comment or a question.

Information available on the Wiki

In order to follow the EPOS technical developments, you might be interested in:

The European Plate Observing System (EPOS) is the integrated solid Earth Sciences research infrastructure approved by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and included in the ESFRI Roadmap in December 2008. EPOS is a long-term integration plan of national existing Research Infrastructures (RIs).