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The Use Cases and User Stories are describing a typical workflow the users are used to work with. For designing the GUI of the EPOS web portal and its functionality this information is crucial to be able to design useful environment. During the Requirement and Use Cases Collection (January - March 2016) the typical user stories were collected by WP6&7 team from TCS WP8-WP17. Each group provided several Use Cases and described their User Stories. Examples of two User Stories which were derived from those collected are presented here.

The Simple User Story assumes that user is searching for specific data related to his research area. Once the result is found it can be inspected (check details about the origin, etc.), visualized and downloaded afterwards.

The Complex User Story is a counterpart of the Simple User Story. It introduces complex scenario with data from many (possibly all) TCSs and expects that user will do all the analysis of all datasets within the web portal environment even including usage of HPC or HTC (via ICS-D).

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