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This example describes the procedure of metadata mapping of selected DDSS elements from WP8 TCS to ICS. Information here is mainly for TCS and ICS IT people who are dealing with integration of DDSSs.

Main contacts

ICS contact: University of Bergen (JM)
TCS contact: INGV (AM)

Top priority DDSS

DDSS ID DDSS Name DDSS Description TCS IT contact Web Service URI Metadata standard (+URI) DDSS Documentation Result of mapping
WP8-DDSS-001 fdsnws-dataselect EIDA, 11 nodes, seismic waveforms EIDA/EMB/ETC decission FDSN  
WP8-DDSS-002 fdsnws-station EIDA, 11 nodes, seismic stations GFZ (JQ) FDSN StationXML

XML-->EPOS-DCAT-AP, TCS-ICS-mapping_worksheets.xlsx

WP8-DDSS-017 fdsnws-event EMSC, list of earthquakes EMSC (AD), INGV (ML)


WP8-DDSS-038 EDSF EFEHR, European Database of Seismogenic Faults INGV (RV), Which is an end-point to both a WMS and WFS service e.g. GetCapabilities and GetCapabilities

INSPIRE ISO 19139 XML, GetCapabilities

 ??? ShakeMap input Generate input files for ShakeMap; ESM+RRSM INGV (RP), KNMI (MK) not public yet (planned for June 2017)  

Web services at TCS


Provides acces to seismic waveforms. FDSN standardized webservice for miniSEED waveform data.


FDSN standardized webservice for station metadata in 3 various formats: fdsnxml (default)stationxmlsc3ml


FDSN standardized web service for earthquake records. Event information can include all origins and all arrival times. Output format can be Quakeml, Json or Text


Provides access to OGS services (WMS, WFS) of European Database of Seismogenic Faults.

ShakeMap input

Provides XML file which can be used as input for [1] to generate map of ground motion and shaking intensity following significant earthquakes. 

Metadata mapping

Tools used

List of software tools used for mapping.

Results of mapping

Programs, scripts, other documentation should be listed here.

List of found issues/solutions 

  • Q: Some attributes in EPOS-DCAT-AP are mandatory but not provided via web service. What values to assign?
    • A: The values must be provided by the TCS IT contact person, e.g. attributes describing the web service itself. 

fdsnws-station Station.Channel depth eposap:orientation? (x,y,z)
  1. What is the reference system in eposap for x,y,z? What values/units to assign?
  2. Depth, azimuth and dip are important attributes for seismic station (e.g. in a borehole). How to represent them in EPOS Baseline? eposap:orientation could be used but what convention to use?


  1. It seems that the metadata baseline document was being prepared with close cooperation with people from geomagnetic survey. In case of permanently based station set to NULL.
  2. TBD
fdsnws-station Station.Channel azimuth
fdsnws-station Station.Channel dip
fdsnws-station Webservice Webservice eposap:Webservice Not from the webservice output. Must be provided by TCS-IT contact
fdsnws-station Webservice Resource Type ??? What type is expected? From EPOS Baseline (Def.): Scope to which the metadata applies. Constrained by a Codelist. E.g. Dataset, Data product, service.
fdsnws-station Webservice Data Service Type dct:type --> skos:Concept --> skos:prefLabel ???    
fdsnws-station Webservice Access and use Retriction dct:rights ?    


Keywords for individual services are used while searching for resources in the ICS CERIF catalogue (i.e. discovery search). The list of keywords should be rich enough to allow discovery also for unexperienced user, e.g. public.

Webservice Keywords
fdsnws-dataselect waveform, seismic archive, ...
fdsnws-station seismic station, fdsnXML, stationXML, sc3ml, ...
fdsnws-event earthquake, seismic event, catalogue of earthquakes, QuakeML, ...
EDSF seismological fault, map of faults, ...